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' Waste Burning Plant ' is effective equipment for dispose the waste materials completely. This is ideal for flats, schools, colleges, hospitals, villas, factories and offices etc.and it is functioned without the use of any type of fuel.
If we construct an Incinerator of Lakhs of Rupees for waste management, it will function only with the help of fuel and electricity.
The most important thing is no fuel is needed for function the Waste Burning Plant.
The plant functioning at high tempreature,but the heat does not spread in to the outside area. Beacuse of this the plants and insects living in and around the places does not felt these temperature.It Proves that Waste Burning Plant is an Eco-Friendly one.

' Waste Burning Plant ' is effective method used to dispose the waste materials by burn with high temperature.Hence it is real time equipment for Business-commerical-Industrial-Medical waste management


In this populated country wastes are everywhere in this society. Normally we swept these wastes in to a corner and lay a fire on it. The fly ashes from the wastes include Carbon Dioxide(CO2),Carbib Monoxide(CO) and other various gaseous are driven off the combination of municipal solid wastes.These gaseous would spread all around the atmosphere.Waste management is a complex process,and it will becom a serious problem for the society. In this situation Oorjakendram a waste disposal center innovate the Eco-Friendly Waste Burning,Plant for vanishing the serious waste management issue.The society never appereciate to burn the wastes on the road side.It's no permitted.

We placed the waste glass pieces in to a corner, it will be taken by scrap-seller, he recycle the glass pieces to make glasses. read more

The firm had carried out the job successfully and the incinerator was commissioned .. read more