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Wastes are inevitable element in day to day life. We are fully aware of the consequences which accumulation of wastes donate to the common public and to the plant and animal life. The wasteburning plant is the one which is developed by Mr. K.K Vickraman for doing away with the wastes completely and is being promoted inside and outside Kerala. The speciality of this plant is that there is no need of fuel for its functioning. This is very beneficial to flats, colleges, hospitals, auditoriums, industries and government institutions where the wastes are in heaps. Due to proper oxidation and because of high combustion there is no atmospheric pollutions. If we notice, we can find the wastes being heaped carelessly on road side, near canals etc,. By doing away with this type of dumping wastes and if it is burnt in the same place where it originates, we can manage the drawbacks which wastes creates to the environment and to the public. The carbon dioxide which is released while burning will be absorbed by the plants. If wastes are dumped methane is being released in tonnes and that will harm the existence of plants, animals and human beings. In this crucial juncture eco friendly wasteburning plant is being promoted by Oorjakendram situating at Aluva in Ernakulam district. This is very beneficial for the industrial areas. If wasteburning plants are constructed in places where wastes are heaped we need not depend on municipalities or corporation for the waste management.

Aims of Oorjakendram

We won't entertain to keep the waste for next day or throw away in streets and public spaces. We aims in disposing the waste were it is produced in the most cheapest method. Due to high oxidation and high combustion there is no atmospheric pollution while burning the wastes in waste burning plant. There is no issue in installing this plant on terrace, floor, farm and fields. The concreted terrace won't get affected or damaged by the heat. Only 2m sq is needed for installing this plant.


Our Products

We have products such as Waste Burning Plant, Rain Water Storage Plants, Pipe Compost, Community Chulhas, Ayurveda Oven etc.